First of all, ensure you have installed the Pre-requisites / Preliminary software and followed the corresponding configuration.

Then this repository is hosted on Github. Assuming you have installed git:

To clone this repository, proceed as follows (adapt accordingly):

$> mkdir -p ~/git/
$> cd ~/git/
$> git clone
$> cd tutorials
$> make setup          # Initiate git submodules etc...

You'll probably wish to have a separate directory structure when working in this tutorial. Here is a suggested approach:

$> mkdir -p ~/tutorials/HPC-School-2018      # Adapt accordingly
$> cd ~/tutorials/HPC-School-2018
$> ln -s ~/git/  ref.d

The make setup step is required. This will initiate the Git submodules of this repository and setup the git flow layout for this repository.

Note that later on, you can upgrade the Git submodules to the latest version by running:

$> make upgrade

If upon pulling the repository, you end in a state where another collaborator have upgraded the Git submodules for this repository, you'll end in a dirty state (as reported by modifications within the .submodules/ directory). In that case, just after the pull, you have to run the following to ensure consistency with regards the Git submodules:

$> make update