Inaugural Keynote

The practical sessions of the Nov 2021 HPC School are listed below

PS Description Speaker Duration
1 Introduction to UNIX/Linux Shell and Command lines A. Olloh, T. Valette, H. Cartiaux 4h45
Pre-requisites and Setup instructions
2 Preliminaries (SSH - OpenOnDemand) A. Olloh, T. Valette 1h30
3 Getting Started 2.0 Introduction to the SLURM Job Scheduler, basic launchers H. Cartiaux 1h45
4 HPC Management of Sequential and Embarrassingly parallel jobs S. Varrette 1h30
Distributing embarrassingly parallel tasks GNU Parallel
5 HPC Software Building: optimizing and complementing the ULHPC software set S. Varrette 50min
6 Prototyping with python S. Peter 2h30
7 HPC Containers with Singularity E. Kieffer 45min
8 Advanced distributed computing with python and Dask E. Kieffer 1h35
Parallel machine learning with scikit-learn
Parallel evolutionary computing with Scoop/Deap
9 Scalable Science with OpenMP/MPI S. Varrette 1h20
Keynote / Advanced Performance Engineering for Efficient Parellel Debugging X. Besseron 45min
10 Introduction to OpenACC Programming Model (C/C++ and Fortran) E. Krishnasamy, L. Koutsantonis, T. Pessoa 1h45min
Solving the Laplace Equation on GPU with OpenACC
Introduction to OpenCL Programming (C/C++)
11 R - Statistical computing A. Ginolac 2h30
Keynote / Data management (backup, security) S. Peter 1h00
12 Big Data Analytics: Batch, Stream and Hybrid processing engines S. Varrette 55min


As initiator and coordinator of this event since the first edition in 2014, Dr. Varrette would like to express his deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the below contributors (in alphabetical order) which permit for this 11th edition to take place and (hopefully) to be yet another big success.