Twice a year, we are organizing a HPC School / Workshop:

  • one long version in June on two days, mixing both common tutorials and advanced topic sessions
  • one short version in November featuring in a single day the most common tutorials

The practical sessions of the June 2019 HPC School are listed below:

PS Description Speaker Duration
1 Preliminaries (SSH) H. Cartiaux, C. Parisot 45min
2 Getting Started 2.0 H. Cartiaux 1h
3 (Advanced) Job scheduling with SLURM C.Parisot 1h
4a Monitoring & Profiling I (basics) H. Cartiaux 1h30
4b Monitoring & Profiling II (Advanced - Performance engineering) V.Plugaru, X. Besseron 1h30
5a Scalable Science I (Basics - OpenMP/MPI jobs) S. Varrette 1h30
5b Scalable Science II (Advanced - Computational Physics, Chemistry & Engineering apps) V. Plugaru 1h30
5c Scalable Science III (Advanced - GPU programming) F. Pinel 1h00
6 Big Data Applications (batch, stream, hybrid) S. Varrette 1h30
7 Scientific computing using MATLAB V. Plugaru 1h30
8 HPC Containers with Singularity V. Plugaru 1h
9 Data management (backup, decommissioning...) S. Peter 1h
10a Python I (Basic) Prototyping with Python C. Parisot, S.Peter 1h15
10b Python II (Advanced): Parallel Machine learning E. Kieffer 1h30
and Evolutionary Computation
11 R - statistical computing A. Ginolhac, R. Krause 1h30
12 Bioinformatics workflows with snakemake and conda S. Peter 1h30
13a Deep Learning I (Basics) Keras/Tensorflow CPU/GPU F. Pinel 1h30
13b Deep learning II (Advanced - distributed) Horovod V. Plugaru, F.Pinel 1h15
14 Optimizers (CPLex, Gurobi) E. Kieffer 1h15