PS Description Speaker Duration
1a Getting Started (part 1: SSH) C. Parisot 1h
1b Getting started (part 2) H. Cartiaux 45min
2 HPC workflow with sequential jobs H. Cartiaux 1h30
3a Advanced scheduling (SLURM, OAR) V. Plugaru 1h
3b Software environment management using Easybuild S. Peter 1h
4a UL HPC Monitoring in practice H. Cartiaux 30min
4b Performance engineering - HPC debugging and profilling V. Plugaru 1h30
5 Parallel computations with OpenMP/MPI S. Varrette 1h30
6 User environment and storage data management (backups, git, GDPR, quotas) S. Peter 1h
7 Multi-Physics workflows: test cases on CFD / MD / Chemistry applications V. Plugaru 1h30
8 Bio-informatics workflows and applications S. Peter 1h30
9 [Basic + Advanced] Prototyping with Python C. Parisot 2h
10 Scientific computing using MATLAB and Mathematica V. Plugaru 2h
11 Big Data Applications (batch, stream, hybrid) Hadoop, Spark, Storm S. Varrette 1h30
12 R - statistical computing A. Ginolhac 1h30
13 Machine / Deep learning S. Varrette 1h15
14 HPC Containers: Singularity V. Plugaru 1h15