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This repository holds a set of tutorials to help the users of the UL HPC platform to better understand or simply use our platform.

This is the main page of the documentation for this repository, which relies on MkDocs and the Read the Docs theme. In particular, the latest version of these tutorials is available online:

The list of proposed tutorials is continuously evolving. They used on a regular basis during the UL HPC School we organise.

ULHPC School

So far, the following tutorials are proposed:

Category Description Level
Pre-requisites and Setup instructions beginners
Basic Introduction to UNIX/Linux Shell and Command lines beginners
Getting Started on the UL HPC platform beginners
Monitoring & Profiling I: why, what, how, where to look beginners
Emb. Parallel Jobs GNU Parallel beginners
HPC Management of Sequential and Embarrassingly Parallel Jobs beginners
Scheduling Advanced scheduling with SLURM intermediate
Software Management HPC Software Building: optimizing and complementing the ULHPC software set beginners
The Spack package manager for supercomputers beginners
Data Management Data Management on UL HPC Facility beginners
Debuging & Profiling Know Your Bugs: Weapons for Efficient Debugging intermediate
Advanced debugging on the UL HPC platform intermediate
(OLD) Unified profiling and debugging with Allinea intermediate
(OLD) Direct, Reverse and parallel Memory debugging with TotalView intermediate
MPI Scalable Science and Parallel computations with OpenMP/MPI intermediate
OSU Micro-Benchmarks intermediate
High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmarking on UL HPC platform intermediate
HPCG benchmarking on UL HPC platform intermediate
Python Prototyping with Python beginners
Python: Use Jupyter notebook on UL HPC intermediate
Use Python Celery on UL HPC advanced
Scalable computing with Dask advanced
Parallel machine learning with scikit-learn intermediate
Parallel evolutionary computing with Scoop/Deap intermediate
Mathematics MATLAB (interactive, passive and sequential jobs) intermediate
Advanced MATLAB execution: checkpointing and parallel jobs advanced
R / Statictical Computing intermediate
Cplex / Gurobi intermediate
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics software on the UL HPC platform intermediate
Galaxy Introduction Exercise: From Peaks to Genes intermediate
CFD/MD/Chemistry Scalable Science II (Advanced - Computational Physics, Chemistry & Engineering apps) advanced
Big Data Running Big Data Application using Apache Hadoop and Spark intermediate
Machine/Deep Learning Machine and Deep learning workflows intermediate
Distributed Deep Learning with Horovod intermediate
Distributed Large Language Model with HuggingFace and DeepSpeed advanced
Containers Singularity advanced
Singularity with Infiniband advanced
Reproducibility and HPC Containers advanced
Virtualization (OLD) Create and reproduce work environments using Vagrant intermediate
Deploying virtual machines with Vm5k on Grid'5000 intermediate
GPU Programming Introduction to GPU programming with CUDA (C/C++) intermediate
Image Convolution with GPU and CUDA advanced
Introduction to OpenCL intermediate
Introduction to OpenACC Programming Model (C/C++ and Fortran) intermediate
Solving the Laplace Equation on GPU with OpenAcc advanced
IPU Programming Tensorflow on Graphcore IPU intermediate
Misc Reproducible Research at the Cloud Era intermediate

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This project and the sources proposed within this repository are released under the terms of the GPL-3.0 licence.